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Originally Posted by nippaero View Post
Did the 2.05 update have *anything* to do with RF? The reason I ask is I just lost my first plane using DSM2. This was my first flight after updating the radio.

I am not wanting to point the finger but I just updated my DX8 to 2.05 and went flying yesterday. This is a plane that I have had MANY flights on (I flew it all last year). I was doing some passes down the field on on the fourth pass I lost total control. We just sat there and watched the plane fly off at full power. It finally hit a tree over at the golf course. When we got to the plane the receiver was flashing. When we walked it back to the flying table where the transmitter was the controls started working again.(RX still flashing)

Apparently failsafe on the RX was not working either since it appeared to be at full throttle. And yes all that stuff was working when I originally bound the RX to the TX last year.

Again, not trying to point the finger at the update. Just trying to figure out what happened. Or is this just a case of brown out that everyone keeps talking about?
You did not mention which Rx you were using. The AR8000 is a DSMX receiver and has Brownout Detection. If your Rx has Brownout Detection, it will display a flashing light indicating that either the Power Switch failed Off and On or the Rx battery voltage dropped below critical and the Rx rebooted.

Failsafe does not kick in during a Brownout. It only applies when you have Loss of Signal from the Tx (Interference or Loss of Power to the Tx, for example)
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