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Wiring diagram

Here is my wiring diagram. It has not been tested and it is my first attempt. I have tried to understand the previous diagrams in this thread. Please point out if there is some mistake or some way in which I can improve it. I will be really scared when I plug in the power. I have tried to eliminate ground loops but there are a few things I am a little unsure about.

1. Should I connect the ground from my 450mAh Lipo to the ground of the video TX/OSD audio out/OSD audio in the way I have in the wiring diagram? (Or does this create a giant ground loop since all grounds in the OSD is connected?)

2. Would it be better to connect the power and ground from the 450 mAh Lipo directly to the Camera and Mic, cutting those wires before they enter the OSD?

3. Any mistakes that need to be corrected or suggestions for improvements?
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