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Are you new to such helicopters? If you are a newbie looking for a training 450-size helicopter, then this is not recommended. I practised on simulators and 4CH FP helicopters before I progressed to this helicopter.

The problem with it is the plastic parts - specifically the swashplate, blade holders, and tail assembly. Newbies like me tend to crash the helicopter and these plastic parts are very unforgiving. If the parts had been made of metal, I'd be able to spend more time flying than waiting for parts and then performing the repairs.

At the start, the cost of the helicopter seems low. But if you factor in the cost of replacement parts, the time you spend waiting for them and effort spent on repairs, you may realize a more expensive model is a better choice.

Other than cost, the main problem I have with the helicopter is its quality. The plastic tail assembly is flimsy. The helicopter vibrates a lot and troubleshooting is needed. If I am experienced, then this may not be a challenge; but I'm not. I had a hard time determining the nasty vibrations. The vibrations confuse the gyro causing the tail to drift unpredictably. This is extremely bad for a newbie who is practising tail-in hovers. I spend most of the time fighting the tail drift and sudden wags, which took away the fun of flying it. It's not caused by a wrong gyro gain - I've gotten experienced pilots to fly it, fiddled with the gyro gain, and they unanimously said the helicopter should not behave like that.

On one hand, a newbie is reluctant to invest significant chunk of cash on an expensive helicopter as he is unsure if he likes the hobby. On the other hand, getting an inferior, cheap helicopter to start off the hobby makes learning harder, takes away the fun, and discourages the newbie in picking up the hobby.

I should have gotten a better helicopter. Now, it is in a shop pending repairs. Something is really wrong with the gyro and/or tail server as the helicopter spins on the ground at 40% throttle. It became like this for no apparent reason.

I've posted a few threads in this forum about this helicopter. You may want to read them too.
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