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Originally Posted by saabguyspg View Post
I think the majority of users are on windows hence why they choose this platform. I will ask if they can make a linux version.

I have never experianced the bottle neck in data like others... or at least very rarely and nothing that a re-run of the software did not fix. Of course I do belive that the problem exists becuase I am not a guy that discounts others reports

However I do not use the remote adapter so there is a possiblity the bottle neck occurs here. I plug my xbee straight into the usb port. The only problem I ever get is if I do it in the wrong order then the com port appears "open" or in use when really it's not. Simply closing the program and starting over fixes this.

mmm lets see... airspeed is not possible with the 31AP becuase there is no hardware connection available (panda has the ability for the future)

I have requested that in future releases they add a voice warning so that if your battery voltage, or number of gps satellites gets too low it warns you. Hopefully this adresses some of your concerns there.

I think suggestions are great! but also we have to realise that they can not add everything we ask for.... oh and so everyone knows... I don't work for them.. I am just pretty familiar with their stuff.

I have made a quick intro video to the 2D gcs.

Can I use the 602 data modem w/o the remote adapter??

One can only ask... I am writing a list of things to Santa as well
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