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The exact year (or at least the decade close to it) is a VERY important "detail" to make history...

Back in 1999 (as far as I know) there where only 3 pages in the internet, referring to RC Model Hovercraft, one was mine.

Some years after, the first international (no internal/national ones at the time!) appeared and still exists:
If I remember, we where in 2004 or close...

NO ONE AT ANY TIME (since now) referred/posted or remebered such a thing as you are telling us now...

My guess is that you are confusing the Byron ducted fan that I am using since 2011 (tested and posted here, in this forum back in 2010) with some other...thing!!

I trully hope that you can find (or someone else) some reliable proof of that milestone!
I am a bit unconfortable, being the first in such manny achievements in R/C model hovercraft as; introducing 1/4 scaled Racing Hovercraft, using a BYRON ducted fan in rc model hovercraft, making the first scaled rc RACING hovercraft, the first (since some decades ago, not copyed till now) to implement a full realistic moving figure (pilot),probably the most performing RC hovercraft, and so on...

Yes, I know, I am NOT (anymore) a modest person, I gave up being it some years ago!
After working hard more than 20 years on developing a big amount of Hovercraft models and improvements, most of them prooved and milestones shared in the internet (some of them that can be used and implemented in real scale Hovercraft)…

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