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the flame retardant sock came too late for me today, because I ALMOST BURNED MY HOUSE DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was charging my 2 TP2100's , each on their own AF 109 while I was mowing the yard. After finishing the front yard, I went in the garage to get a drink of water and head to the back yard, when I heard the smoke detectors going off. I sprinted to my bedroom to witness a huge flame coming out of the small stainless container that the batt's were in. I grabbed the pitcher and threw it in the the sink , only to witness a white hot jet of fire coming out of the packs. I scorched a throw rug and the side of a pine amoire, otherwise, no other damage.
What did I do wrong?

1. I charged inside
2. I did not use a safe, appropriate charging container.
3. I continued to use and charge a badly dented pack.

Will I continue to use lipos? YES
Will I be a lot safer? YES

Here's what's left of $160 of batteries....
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