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Hi Shoc,

First rule when testing a new (bigger) prop: make a short run, two minutes tops and bring the boat in to check the temperature of all components.

Unfortunately you found out the hard way how a brushless motor performs when the magnets have been overheated; it runs, but has no torque to speak of...

Regarding me mentioning running a 2200Kv outrunner on 3S in a 25" hull; that boat was virtually undrivable, even though it has a wider beam than the Snap. Even in the bigger ARPRO, this motor is giving the hull a hard time keeping the right side up...
Don't try it, you'll have serious torque issues.

There have been several possible replacements mentioned in this thread; keep the same motor but go up in Kv, not overboard, beyond a certain amount of rpm, the stock propsize, either metal of plastic will only work as a blender.

The Leopard 2845 2960kv mentioned above is a nice drop-in replacement, giving you close to 30.000 rpm under load.

Be careful with those 'big' props on these small motors, the rotor inside is barely 18-20 mm.

A longer can equals more torque, this (four-pole) motor can turn your CNC 440 prop much easier than the stock motor:
The difference in torque and the drop in running temperature is something you'd have to experience for yourself, you'll never want to run a cheap two-pole motor again...

Regards, Jan.
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