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Just to be completely open....
I received this model for review for free from
I paid import tax and shipping only.
Review is unbiased - no pressure from the guys there.
No relationship / emails / purchases prior to their offer for a review model

First time have dealt with them. Good communications and very trusting to send the kit to me more review...!
Iíd be happy to buy from them based on this and the other ones that have purchased with no issues.

What you really want to know.... What does it fly like?
Less self stabilising than the standard 1680 type wings with dihedral
More stable in wind / turbulance. Wing doesnít flex.
Turning with aileron it holds the angle much more like a real plane
Rudder helps quite a bit more in the turns
This one had a nice straight rear boom / tail. Hurrah!
Doesnít glide quite as well.
Didnít feel flaps were necessary for landing.
The bad - it burns noticeably more juice to stay up.
30 minutes ona 3s 5000 is still easily achievable
More enjoyable to fly as a pilot. More agile. More fun...

I like it.....

What you really want to know.... How strong is that wing? !
This black EPO appears more dense and heavier than my white 1680 one
The spar is pretty strong.
For normal flier - you will not need any strengthening.....
The whole wing hardly flexes in comparison with the earlier popular v3 models.
I fly gentle on the 1680 - conscious of the wing strength. I donít with this one... Happy.....

Other positives:
Big plus - wing is interchangeable with other models - one plane / two different flying styles...
A bit less flex than my white EPO one.
Wing mounting is stronger there rubber bands go over rear
This one is first one I seen without banana shaped boom!

The flight time is only significant one
Elevator EPO hinge is too tough to use. The wing ones are actually quite usable.

Future improvements Iíd like to see...
The return of the old flat style cockpit canopy foam as well as This one. Easier to mount big cameras.
Optional bracing to top the tail/stabiliser flexing so much
Extra moulding inside fuselage to create an optional component tray in the rear high area of the main compartment area - keep the entire floor free for batteries
Maybe some alternative hinge solution - Something quick like multiplex style
More cooling airflow in the compartment many use for the ESC
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