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Originally Posted by JohnsPop View Post
Your coro wheel idea may work, if you goop a brass tube through the middle. You'd probably need to make them 12 or 16mm thick to keep them from flopping over when you landed on them. If you used 3 or 4 layers of coro and put a tube through the middle it *may* work..... you could cut out sections to simulate spokes..... the pool noodle may work as well as long as the center was strong enough. This is exciting. It's been a while since someone other than one of the "regular spad gurus" who actually knew what they were doing just flung caution to the wind and said, we're going to do this no matter what. We're waiting with anticipation and fingers crossed! Where are you guys located, anyway?
Thanks for the advice John, (Paul typing) my girlfriend and I looked at four thrift stores and didn't find the right kind of tires. After some work we found a noodle pool toy but it has a really thin tube wall (maybe we'll find a thicker one). I'm thinking positively and saying it'll be lighter this way. I think we'll do the wheels out of this pool toy and the landing gear out of a super thick and big hanger layered with rubber bands and/ or string keeping them from separating on hard landings. Your Idea using coro as wheel rims is really good, I'll give it a go. If it doesn't work too well I might make spokes out of strings and hope the wheel wont sag too much. I'm counting on short takeoffs and landings as the landing gear already feels sketchy and we haven't started yet :S.

I'm stiffining the control surfaces, hopefully they'll keep the fins themselves stiff. I'll scrounge up some fishing line to keep things square after they're installed.

We've hit a setback as my AXN clouds fly just came in the main today so we wont make much progress tomorrow. Building it wasn't nearly as fun as working on this SPAD though and I'm still more excited about the bipe by far!

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