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Originally Posted by dart234 View Post
Well I have some major problems with my new Bumblebee 550 Build. Maybe you guys and gals could help me or possibly have had a similar problem. To may a long story short. I built this kit to the t of the included manual which had to be printed out off cd. Followed all instructions. Installed all ESC pods on carbon fiber arms. Plugged all ESC Jst wires into 5 way deans splitter. Ran all ESC control wires to proper Flight controller M1-M4 ports. Programmed Settings via usb program.. Ok.. Ready for first flight. Plugged Battery in. Issued CSS on throttle stick and elevator stick. Was able to fly for a few mins than landed. Attempted to take off again and notice one motor would not start up. So, Unplugged battery and replugged in. Tried to start up motor would not run gave a little throttle and that esc lite up. Smoke and Bright Glow from MOSFETS on Esc and even smoked the connected motor windings. Well, ok. Maybe defective esc. So obtained a new motor and esc. Now, just for info. I have programmed any of these ESC using any programming device or via transmitter stick movements. Not sure if this is needed or not. No timing , soft startup , brake nothing. Just pulled out of package and installed to Flight Controller. (Manual states nothing on programming). Well, new ESC and Motor installed and was able to fly for 5 mins. (One Battery) Than right after 2nd battery, once again, same situation. But, this time ESC and Motor burn out are on a different Arm. In fact, 2 ESCs have burnt out with associated Motors having discolored over heated windings.. The insulation of One ESC's Control Black Ground wire right off the Flight Controller has become burnt right off. Please see pictures.. Major problems. Needless to say, I can not fly this thing. I have one more motor and a few esc's but , really, no sense burning more out?? What am I doing wrong here?? Has anyone had this problem before?? Im at a loss here.. Please advise....
What type of battery do you use? 3S? 4S?
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