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I have a the sc10 2wd monster energy truck and I have driven and ran it around some friends slash trucks both 2wd and 4wd. I prefer the sc10 in almost all areas racing or bashing except the rear tires from the factory. They kinda suck. Way too soft overall and the inside tire balloons so bad in a fast corner they can turn the truck over even on great surfaces. At lower speed turns or highspeed straight aways they make the truck a hand full. Also mine where only glued on the outside. To remedy this for racing I have a set of proline caliber sc tires on it . Now it is easy to control and a blast to drive.

Bashing wise I find it will do dang near anything my buddie's 4wd slashes will do sometimes better except really rough terrain turning. Their extra drive tires help there.

Racing 2wd class and 4wd class at my LHS the ae trucks seem to be the dominant species usally grabbing most of the top 5 spots even though they are out numbered by slashes.

And durability they are both tough as nails the only things I have destroyed so far is the spur gear and a rear shock tower. The shock tower is from launching it off of a half pipe at a skate park and letting too far of the throttle ending it smashing down on the concrete shiny side down from about 13 or 14 feet in the air. And the spur gear umm we don't talk about the spur gear.

I hope this long rambling post is in some way help to some one. I hit reply intending to just say the "sc10 rocks!". That didnt happen.
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