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OH BABY!!!!! Everyone do yourselves a favor and get the new 808 #16 with the fish eye wide angle lens! I've had it for about a month now and tried it for the first time on one of my planes - my Phoenix Evolution. Wow!

It was a great evening to fly! The video from my 808 #16 (fish eye lens) is amazing! This is no doubt the best little cheap camera to record flights. Freaking awesome!!!!

And that new motor and prop I put in my glider keeps on going with no problems at all.

One thing though - when I give my glider lots of throttle, it wants to point up quickly and I have to add down elevator. How can I fix this? More weight in the nose? Change the angle of the motor? Add a mix to add down elevator when I give it more throttle? I really don't want to take the motor out and try to change the angle. It's in there good and tight I really don't want to mess with that part. Would adding a mix of down elevator when I give it throttle help?

Hobbypartz sent my LED lights a few days ago. I can't wait to get this glider up at night with those lights!

Also flew my new pop wing for the first time. That's going to be fun to fly too this fall! But I crashed my little Zero and the fuselage snapped in two.

I swear, that Phoenix glider is one sweet glider. Who wants a $200 Radian when you can get an awesome glider for $80.00 or so?

I put my glider over a road and cut the throttle and that thing booked right along. It looked like it could keep up with the pick up trucks going down the road. Freaking amazing tonight!
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