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Originally Posted by Jebera View Post

This Skorpion/Reisenauer combination is very hard to beat, I have it and love it.
Don't expect a rocket but it takes my Pike perfect to 200m in 18seconds.

It swings a 19x8 CFK very well, I use a 45c 3s 1300 TopFuel and a 4cell 3A eneloops for radio, MKS's 6100 all around.

For me it looks more efficient then a 1110, with a little less power but remember you have 30s of motor run...

The wheight is fantastic at 105g (motor alone), the others are at least 60% heavier and you can fit a 3s 2200 easily and forget the extra pack for your radio...

No regrets and looking for more...

These motor/gearboxes look real good to me. I have ordered one to put on the dyno later this fall.

With respect to motor weights and efficiencies, it is useful to know that a lot of the edge that these motors seem to have is in the Reisenhauer gearbox. These gearboxes are good for 1000 watts, have 6 mm output shafts and, according to Reisenhauer, weigh about 18 grams. Before Neu came out with their new 6.7 gearbox I was preparing to mate a Reisenauer gearbox to a Neu motor.

The Skorpion's have a great reputation for power and efficiency, but if you are looking for a little more power (or looking to run a little cooler) than the 2210 has, the Neu motors tied either to the new Neu box or the Reisenauer are worth looking at.

Based on my bench testing, I think the Neu's have a little more overhead than the Skorpion. (They can be safely operated farther above the mfg's published limit). When I was trying to work my way through the 1105/4.4 for the Maxa I was easily able to get thirty second motor runs at 600 watts without even coming close to Steve's maximum temperature guidelines (summer in Oklahoma, no fuselage ventilation). This unit weighs 122 grams with the Maxon gearbox and 88 grams with the Reisenauer gearbox. I didn't like the Maxon box because it was only rated to about 400-500 watt its 4mm output shaft and its 4.4:1 gear ratio. I could have paired it with the Reisenauer box and come up with a lighter combination which would have matched the published (and calculated power for the Skorpion), had a 6mm shaft, 5:1 ratio and saved a little weight to boot. But I figured that while I was spending the money, I would get a setup that gave room for more power (probably up to 750 to 800 watts if I wanted it or which would allow me to go easy on the motor for longer life and reliability. With the Reisenauer, the total weight would be 113 grams and the gear ratio be 5:1. When Steve came out with the new gearbox I was able to get the power with a 147 gram weight (about 1 ounce over the Reisenhauer gearbox. Considering that my particular drive configuration will balance the plane AND I didn't have to be concerned about fitting the gearbox to the motor, I went with the Neu. I suspect that they are all good. But if you want to give yourself the option of adding power in the future the Neu's are worth a look.

In addition, I know that getting a Neu motor delivered sort of tests your patience, but I have had absolutely incredible turnarounds from Steve when I have sent motors in for repair or modification.

Finally, in the US, both motors price out to around $280 delivered.

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