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So I guess the Elevator compensation in the Flap menu is not enough?
Are you looking for it to be throttle proportional?

Do you absolutely need the Flaps to be on the Flap switch or could the Flaps be activated with FM switch?
If so then you could now create your throttle/elevator mix using FM 1,2 as switch.

If you want to have Flaps on the Flap switch with Elevator comp. AND also have your mixed Throttle to Elevator for added elevator compensation based on throttle stick position then do the following.

Once you have create your MIX for example on MIX1, save your model memory to SD card.
Export SPM file and open with WORDPAD on a PC.

Scroll down to P-MIX and change this BOLD LINE, this represents the Flap switch. Note that it will be a different number then 43, change it to 43 (think default is 127)
Now save and IMPORT the model file back in the radio.
If you go to your Servo Monitor you will now see the flap switch control you flaperons and elevator comp. if you added some and you will also see when you throttle up the elevator will be mixed with throttle. The THR/ELE mix will be active in Flap Switch position 1 and 2

*Index= 0
analogID= 16
conditionID= 43
trimID= 0
outChan= 194
Your mix should include OFFSET when mixing to throttle and if you want it to start from low position.

PM me if you need any more info.

PS: if you do the SPM Editing option, when you go back into the MIX you created you will notice that the SW: is showing INH, this is normal behaviour when making changes to the file that the radio's menu normaly won't allow.
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