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Video doesn't help me and I use a mamo unit :-)

Good infomercial on how to do on a hitec radio what is described in the manual. Which doesn't contain any actual details either.

Actual settings etc are purely experimental.

Normal mode first: pitch based on flying speed and power (battery & motor dependant). Need some pitch to start out. Not too little otherwise you risk overspeeding the motor. Add pitch until you have aircraft flying as you want. I had to change this as I changed the airframe (weight) and even more so when I changed packs. Too much pitch and it may bog, too little an no thrust. I actually ended up with very little as final airframe flies very nice at a slow constant rate.

Reverse pitch: just the same, experiment to give the thrust you desire. Throttle around the change over point is adjusted to try and maintain a constant'ish RPM. Again too much pitch bogs and too little gives no thrust.

Values on actual radio are irrelevant :-)

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