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As I conveyed (poorly) some time ago, I don't care what is put on sails. I just feel it should be done in the manner specified in the rules or having those rules and the rules commitee are useless. I will most likely never sail with another Nirvana owner being how I am going on 80yrs so my thoughts are do what the owners want, just do it by following the established rules. BTW that means by the manufacturers agreement NOT the AMYA. The AMYA would like to be the one establishing the rules but the majority of Nirvana owners across the country are not members. So brothers Rob and John you have my support to whatever the commitee decides. Another btw maybe we should start referring to it as the commitee instead of the board since that is what the current rules call it.
Just another thought though. Since the AMYC accepts the Leathers group as the COA doesn't this validate the AMYA establishing a COA instead of a manufacturers class? Just askin.

Bill D

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