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New MOV v0.41 BETA FW

After MUCH work by the developer (Elijah) and the original GUI programmer (Isoprop), a MAJOR new FW version is being released for beta testing by more users. What started out as some simple user tweaks for the #16 and a simple tool to help manipulate them has evolved into some major effort on their part. I want to publically thank both of them on behalf of all the participants in this thread for the many hours they have put into this camera's evolution.

We have done a lot of testing, but there are so many new toggles that's it's impossible to test them all before releasing the FW for others.

What's new?
  • DIRECT GUI communication with the camera via the USB interface!
    • FW version and user settings can now be read from and new settings (including the date and time to match your PC) written to the camera memory via the GUI with NO need to "prepare" the camera in any way, other than plugging it into your PC USB port with a data cable, and turning it on as a removeable drive.
    • New user tools to:
      • Format the memory card in the camera
      • Check for GUI updates (manually or automatically)
      • Change camera firmware, including checking for new FW (manually or automatically), or downgrading to older FW
  • A new "Advanced Image Settings" tab that has many toggles for tweaking the camera colors!
    • Exposure - four choices, two increasing and two decreasing the normal Auto setting
    • White Balance - four choices for different lighting conditions in addition to the normal Auto setting
    • Contrast - four choices, two with more and two with less than the normal Auto setting
    • Saturation - four choices, two with more and two with less than the normal Auto setting
    • Color Options - six choices, two cooler and two warmer than the normal Auto setting, plus B & W (mono) and Sepia tones.
  • The GUI can now be resized (within limits) to accomodate smaller screen sizes
You will need Isoprop's new beta GUI to easily manage all these new features. He will post info with D/L link separately from this post.

Our testing of the advance color settings were only done with one function at a time, comparing with the Auto setting. We know there wil be some coupling with other function effects, maybe good or not so good. So those changes are subtle at this point, because they need to have fixed settings (no continuous slider control is feasible to suit your exact desires). Some functions may not survive after testing or show any benefit. But for now, you are encouraged to try them out.

Please post your constructive comments here in this thread. We need a lot more user feedback.
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