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likely the cable... I'll replace it and try again... Now I have a new problem

The Hornet OSD shows the data from the current sensor, but no attitude, compass or GPS data

Everything is static, when I move the plane, no adjustment of my compass.. nothing. The unit also shows that I am in RTH, when I am not. I can still switch the modes with my Tx. Just doesn't show it on the OSD.

everything seems to be good with the 31, I can see and hear the mode switch from RC to ABM... and read the blue light... works perfect. Must be the OSD... bummer.

I'll have to go over all the wires.... also can't get my data modem to connect with the GCS... but that isn't anything new
fixed the problem, seems to have been the UART connection. OSD is functioning normal, but when the data modem is turned on, the servos start vibrating.... I had the data modem connected to the supply from the FY-31, then I connected it to its own BEC. This didn't seem to solve the problem, but reduced the effect significantly...

seems to me that ground noise is being absorbed into the circuit. I am changing the connections from the data modem on both sides... likely I will find that the updating problem and the jitter are due to the cables, at least that's what I am holding out for.

At least the OSD and everything else is working properly
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