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Originally Posted by Capt.Crash View Post
Since this is where most, if not all, the board members hang…let me as a board member go ahead and make this recomendation/nomination.

I propose we adopt the N that a lot of us are already using as the official Nirvana sail logo. This is the same logo that is on my sail and those of our club as well as some of Steve Lang’s boats and is the suggested logo in use by Rodney Leathers and his followers.

This is copy/pasted from Mr. Leathers proposed rules:

Nirvana Class sail logo. It is a capital N (Arial, underlined, bold and italic, 240%) measure 3” high from the bottom of the underline to the top of the N. It may be traced with black felt tip marker or paint and positioned high on the mainsail. Locate the underline 11”below the highest point of the mainsail.

This logo looks good and I think we need to adopt it to help keep all the Nirvana’s on the same page, at least as far as this goes.
Now...suggestions on the "chevrons" anyone?
Before I respond to the requested vote on the use of the "N", I wanted to comment on John's videos. Really some great footage for sure and two super boats not to mention some handy stick work! Very impressive!

Ok, to the business at hand - perhaps the Class secretary could formally
introduce this motion - think it needs a 2nd to move forward ?

My view on this is that it doesn't matter to me one way or the other. I agree with Crash's view and I quote " I think we need to adopt it (the use of the N ) to help keep all the Nirvana’s on the same page, at least as far as this goes."

I don't know Mr. Leather's - he is very likely a good guy, but it appears that he doesn't always exhibit a clear view of the common good for the class by not respecting the change made by Megatech. Unfortunately, it seems that the change has gotten "stuck in Mr. Leather's craw" as the saying goes. My suggestion is and as it has been, that he join the fun and move on. "Good grief" as Charle Brown would say.

The rule is clear, Megatech made the call, which is their's to do, and who is the current secretary is clear. This is not really a big deal on the scale of life.

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