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Low'n Slow is safest, right?
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Originally Posted by CodeJock View Post
HC Hobby Mosquito. What happened was too much throttle and too much elevator. We have a grass landing strip at our club and I had full elevator to keep the tail wheel in ground contact. As I increased the throttle she unexpectedly rose up. It's quite a heavy model and so I did not expect her to do that so quickly. Consequently she tried to go straight up without enough airspeed or indeed power, cartwheeled to the left and as I tried to counter-steer (ineffective 'cause there was pretty much zero airflow over the control surfaces) she simply ploughed into the ground.

At least next time (after substantial repairs) I will increase the throttle more slowly and counter with decreased elevator 'till her arse lifts off the ground a bit.
To bad with the plane Jock, but it seems that you have the post-crash-investigation sorted out Finding the real reason behind a crash is a good way to avoid the next...

For me, one of the most enjoyable parts of a flight is take-offs just like you describe them. Even if the plane have power&lift enough to jump off the ground in inches, I absolutely love to to let a taildragger accellerate slowly rising its tail of the ground and gain speed on two wheels before a nice and shallow climb-out This and a perfect landing...

Had a real laugh the other day though - Was taking off with a S.E.5a, and while gaining speed it hit a bump in the gravel runway, and hey presto, it was 10 inches off the ground flying perfectly level Shortest distance from take off to level flight ever...
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