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I recently got a Blue/White RTF V911 from Amazon ($43 + $3.99 for one-day prime). I guess I was unlucky, as I got one of the ones that flew pretty bad out of the box. I just couldn't trim the rudder to perfectly straight without a slow drift, and that drift appears to change directions when the battery gets low.

The biggest issue, is that it was sliding left almost full bore. I had it trimmed 100% to the right, and I still had to fight it with constant right cyclic. I checked the entire heli, double checked all screws, and everything was ok. Then, I noticed the left/right cyclic servo horn was angled just below centered, while the other side was angled slightly above centered. Unscrewed the servo horn, and moved it up a few teeth, and that seemed to help. It flies now with only one or 2 notches of right cyclic trim. I just wish I hadn't crashed it so many times figuring that out :P It really shouldn't have left the factory this way, but what can you expect from a cheap heli. I bet the average person buying it from amazon would have returned it, rather than trying to fix it. It was that bad.

It also definitely has some TBE going on. It tends to be worse indoors. This heli is not known for having TBE, which is why I bought it, as my Blade 120SR has severe TBE, and I thought I'd have a backup to fly while I figure it out. My luck is not great with heli's lately. I'm about to just buy a flybarless model, since I can't seem to get rid of TBE on either of my Heli's.

I just wanted to make this post in case anyone had similar problems.

Also, I thought these were supposed to come setup for "stable flight"? I just noticed, mine has the head linkages on the longer balls, and pushrods on the outer servo links.
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