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new experience need help

First I'd like to say my RVOSD has been working fantastic, Doing everything by the book. The FBW lets me cruise all around, It holds altitude, pitch and roll perfect. RTH brings it home and the RTH indicator always points home, Thank You Alex! I love my RVOSD! Then today while flying in FBW I noticed the compass heading was off, way off as much as 180 deg then I noticed the home arrow was doing the same, My distance to home was decreasing, I was in a 25 mph headwind and moving back wards. I was pointed east but moving west and the AP doesn't know which way I'm pointed I'm way above cruise altitude so if RTH was on it would not turn on throttle till it fell to cruise altitude + the if throttle was enough and the plane moved forward I would think AP would regain correct bearings for control if throttle wasn't enough would it back into home? Obviously if throttle setting can't over come wind nothing can be done and just hope radio is regained. So... Alex please comment on this scenario and offer advise. I think I should use a higher throttle setting for failsafe but I'm not sure How the RVOSD reacts when real heading differs from plane orientation. Of course common sense applies to conditions, it wasn't that windy when I took off.
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