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Originally Posted by buddertoast View Post
Are you in the U.S.?
With phasing, I mean I wouldn't even know how to set up phasing with my sk720?????
In other words, can I still use the sk720 on the copterx without setting up phasing?
For the Copter X yes you can use it as is, as is already setup for mechanical phasing.I was under the impression that you wanted to do electronic phasing... if you don't want to do electronic phasing then just fly it as is.. as long you do as mentioned below (servo to swash legnth adjustments)

... all you would have to do is set your servo to swash links so when you are at mid stick on your transmitter, the blades on the head are at zero pitch. You have to make sure you have a linear pitch curve in order to setup correctly..

linear 0,25,50,75,100
Once you set your servo to swash rod length and you achieve zero pich at midstick, then you can set your pitch curve to whatever you want..

Like I said earlier, the Copter X head is already phased correctly, I had been fying that head for about 25 flights... if you don't want to have to mess with the rods on the heads, then all you will need is to do as I mentioned... adjust the length of the servo to swash rods.. if you still have this as a pod-n-boon is a piece of cake.. if is in the fuse is going to be a little harder but not impossible..

Now if you want to use the Century Head, the best way is to do it electronically... I'm pretty sure some one can help you on this here... I don't have an SK720, I use BeastX on all my heli's

For the Copter X head you will have to tone down the swash gain on the flybarless unit, to make less sensitive.. you will have to do this as per your manual and then do a fly and see how it performs..

Some flybarless units are more sensitive than others... on the Beast X I had to lower the swash gain by two to three clicks...
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