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Originally Posted by RicksterRC View Post
Or through a double pane french door...
That's what mine hit. Didn't break it, but made a real loud scary sound.
Could have been expensive enough that my wife would have cut off the copter purchases forever

I pried all my weights out and glued them in.
Might not be all she would cut off

Originally Posted by Bvc View Post
if that were true stiffening the stock fb with braided thread and CA or using the xtreme cf fb would not prevent strikes.

Originally Posted by RoboHeli View Post
I haven't tried either. Doesn't the xtreme cf fb reduce strikes? I thought MassiveOverkill said that it did in his blog (or was it Erdnuckle2?)
Using the braided fishing line and CA glue on mine eliminated the strikes 100%. I can get nuts with the heli all I want and have not had a flybar strike since. Thinking I might do another CA glue coat though to be sure. It still has a little flex, but that is ok cause it wont snap on a crash, but not enough flex to have strikes at all. I am doing my other bnf I got as well before I fly it very much.

The Extreme CF FB need a small piece of CF or similar glues onto the top above the attachment point though cause people have said that is where they break.

Originally Posted by LittleMo View Post
How about a Genius CP or Mini CP clone BNF for $50-$60?
+1 on the Walkera Genuis CP clone! (or Exceed X100, same thing) with the 3 axis and 6 axis gyro. If they cloned that feature as well, I would buy one right this second, no hesitation (after all I been debating buying one of those)!
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