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Originally Posted by ronj10 View Post

I have my new guardian and I installed it in a chipmunk. I am using a a DX6i with a Ar8000 receiver.
I have the gain set all the way on all three axis.
I have the rudder set to full throw in the transmitter setup.
I do not have dual rates or any other feature set up in the radio.
Simple, straightforward 3 axis fixed wing setup.

The guardian blinks for a 2D setting.

Anyway, when I twirl the plane in its various axis I get good movement in pitch and roll but just a smidge in rudder. Not sure why.
I do get full rudder throw with my stick.

I expected the rudder to move similar to the pitch and roll. It does not. It deflects so little I doubt that it would do much good. I was hoping it would be useful for my takeoffs with my tail draggers.

Any ideas? how do I get the guardian to give more yaw movement to the rudder?
I have found that if you enable some strong head holding in 2D, the Guardian counteracts the rudder with the ailerons to stay on course, and it does it very efficiently. If you disable head holding, it turns nicely with the rudder.
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