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Thanks for the compliments on my full-scale rides! As you can see - I love boost! BTW - the GN can do 0-60 in just under 4 seconds on a good day, and I once took her up to 163 MPH while racing a Mercedes 600 V12 for top-end. She is definitely the quickest & fastest of the hot-rods I've owned over the years. She is also the most reliable car I have ever owned. In 190,000 miles, she has never failed to start when I turn the key, and she has never been on a trailer - or even towed.

Regarding using UMX packs in the SCT - that's what I'm doing. I converted the SCT to the JST PH3 'UMX' connector & I'm using my homebrew Hyp 240 mAh 2s packs - which just barely fit. The Hyp 240s provide more power & top speed than any other pack that will fit the battery box. Plus, they are designed for 5c charging, and they usually last for 300+ cycles at 5c charge before they start to fade.

Regarding the lack of LiPo LVC - simply go for a short, aggressive drive & note how many mAh your charger put back into the pack. Calculate the mAh to the 80% discharge point. Calculate the depth-of-discharge from your run, and then calculate the seconds per mAh consumed. Next, calculate the run-time to the 80% discharge point & set your timer accordingly.

Example: With a 240 mAh pack, an 80% discharge would be 192 mAh consumed. If you drove 5 minutes & the charger put 130 mAh back in, that would be 2.307 seconds of driving per mAh consumed. In this example, run-time to the 80% discharge point would be 7:23.

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