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You might be getting a little too worried about legalities with this one Vertt.

Build it, make it work, see if anyone actually is interested in giving you money for the kit, THEN worry about the legalities of selling the thing. If you never recoup your costs to build the plane then i seriously doubt anyone is going to care.

Even more importantly, think about this. Let's say your wildest expectations happen and you get swamped with orders for these things. How many is that? From experience, i can tell you that 4 or 5 kits a weeks is almost a full time job to get them made, packaged and shipped.

How much money are you going to make selling 4-5 kits a week? If you price the kit where it is worth people buying it - $30-$50 you are going to make around $20 a pop a most. So $1000 a month if everything goes amazingly good. Boeing spends that much money lighting up the sign on the front of their office building.

They are not going to care if some hobbyist that loves their planes makes a couple bucks by helping out their fellow hobbyists to build planes.

Until you hit the point that you are advertising in magazines and selling $10,000 a month that they will start getting interested in you. And they will probably send a letter asking what is going on before you have to get worried.

In the meantime, you don't even have a flying model yet! Get building my brutha!
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