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No worries. Your questions and concerns need to be answered before attempting such a build. I have already asked myself many of these questions.

A true scale model of the aircraft would be nice but it's just not possible with the technology we currently have. Basically EDF units just don't offer the flight time we need if the model is true scale. True scale gets too heavy too fast. We don't even know if not being scale will give us the 3-4 minute flight time we are looking for from this build. That is what this build aims to find out.

I don't think the point is defeated if it's not true scale. Having built a functional VTOL model I have a new found respect and understanding of what is actually involved in building and coding and flying a functional VTOL model. Building a functional VTOL model has allowed me to accept compromises in scale looks and function that I might not have other wise. I have also found that it's not necessary to be completely scale in order to have a functional VTOL model. This model won't be a hover only model with a nonfunctional airplane shell thrown on top for looks. The idea is to transition to forward flight just like the real one. Hover will be a small part of the flight envelope, only used for a very quick takeoff and landing.

There are those that won't be happy with anything less than a real Harrier put into a shrinking machine. All I can do is be honest about the looks and intended function of this aircraft and let everyone else decide on if they think they would have fun building it.
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