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Originally Posted by hammer22 View Post
I can tell you that the Aurora 9 has a 23ms frame rate which most of the newer DSM2/DSMX receivers don't like. They will only work properly with a frame rate of no longer than 22ms. One exception I know of is the AR7000. Spektrum modules will transmit packets based on the frame rate of the TX. If the light is on solid in the module, then it's transmitting packets. If its out, either the power supply connections are wrong, the number of PPM channels is outside the allowable range or the polarity of the PPM signal is backwards. Try switching your TX to PPM+ or PPM-.

When you go to bind, the fast blinking receiver LED will go out if it receives valid bind packets. If it does not come on solid after a few seconds, then the RX is not able to lock onto the packets from the TX, most likely because the frame rate of the TX is too long. I have found that 22ms is about the longest frame the newest receivers will work with.
So how did you fix this on your module?

I'll trade you a nib dm8 for one of yours

Do you have any good links to the relevant docs on the spektrum/a9 protocols/interfaces? An ICD would be nice, but that's probably asking too much from these companies.

I haven't had a chance to look at the module yet. I've been busy diagnosing a transmit antenna problem on a billion dollar satellite for the last week or so. Lots of staring at spec analyzer recordings... (16h worth) I'm losing serious brain cells on this one!
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