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Pretty much exactly as you have spoken. However when it came to these 'experts' I learned a long time ago "the second you decide to argue with an ignorant person, you have already lost". So let them fail and their aircraft flounder as they limit themselves because of their own arrogance.

Got a lot of photos on setting up and checking the wing and horizontal tail incidence and such. Hard to decide what to post, what to skip. I'll just give it all since pictures are pretty anyways. I think I slacked recently on other photo opps, so maybe this will gain me some forgiveness.

Since we are formed to shape, glued and such on the fuselage, everything is now stable enough to start some cutouts for wings and control surfaces. I slit the slot to size where the horizontal stab will locate. I went all the way through in an area that allows me to slide my .020" thick, 1/2" wide Machinist scale through the airframe as a measuing and leveling guide.

The bottom of the fuse, sitting on the bench, I measured up to the scales location both sides. Parallel with the table! Nice! Since the pin holes to locate the wing template were done at the same time as the horizontal tail's pin holes, I was confident that the wing location holes will be parallel too!

So now I index the template for the wing back into said pin holes, and then trace around it with a fine point Sharpie.


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