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Originally Posted by Eddie500 View Post
I already own the powerlab 8. I am new to lipo charging so have only charged NiMh batteries.

I will be purchasing 8 6s1p batteries. These are rated at 20c and are the turnigy 5000 hobby king batteries. I will be using these on my electric bicycle.

I was wondering if I cold charge all these packs together in my powerlab 8?

My questions are the following, will a paraboard balance all of the packs hooked into it while charging, if so how does it do that? Will the powerlab 8 know to stop the charge?

I see the paraboard 8 has 6 connections for batteries. Is there a way I can charge all 8 of my 6s1p batteries together? Like can I hook some up in parallel before hooking them up to the paraboard?

Please let me know any other important facts before I do this. I am new to this battery technology.
If by Paraboard, you mean the FMA brand MPA board then you could charge all 8 at once if you buy a second MPA and connect it to the first one thru the daisy chain connector port and feed it main power via connection to the first boards high power connectors going into the charger. All connected packs are balanced charged during the normal charging cycle. All cell #1's of each of the 8 packs are essentially connected together thru the boards design, same thing with #2s, #3s and so on. The charger sees the whole mass of packs as one big 6S pack.

To get a 1C charge, you will need a high power, power supply to obtain 40 Amps output (1C in your case) Use FMAs' on-line calculator to be sure you can get what you want with the power supply you have in-mind. It will need to be 24 Volt, 50 Amp minimum.

What brand of bike?
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