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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
In general, high Kv = lots of heat (caused by lots of i, e, p {and/or small r}).
I'd imagine that's true. And yet, my 2835-3900KVs (in a SkySurfer and an Easystar) have never overheated.

Perhaps if someone puts them in a plane that doesn't need their max power, and provides good airflow through them, and flies them at 2200KV-like power levels most of the time (which still gives 2200KV-like power, good for lots of stunts, climbs etc.), with only a few 3900KV-full-power climbs and stunts thrown in while letting it run cool the rest of the time....

....perhaps that's the best way to treat one of these high-power motors and make it last a long time, and still do all the stunts you want, despite the "in general" predictions?

Along with the above is one of the common things that I read about is folks that over prop these small motors which causes burn out, too.
6x4 Master Airscrew 3-blade, direct drive, no burnouts yet, case gets barely warm.

IMO, if anyone even looks at using something other than a stock prop,
These motors have "stock" props?
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