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So far I have seen a couple of members talking about needing to use a brushed to brushless signal converter .... why?
For going brushless on main motor (or both), I can not see where it is required for this setup.
All that I visualise as needed is a suitable brushless motor, around 4000kv, and a matching brushless esc.
Brief explanation...
The motor outputs of the receiver are are 3-pin signal/pos/neg feeds for the dual brushed esc, not 2-wire brushed motor power feeds (no signal). The tail motor connector to the rx is just the signal wire only.
All you should need to do is disconnect the main motor signal (3 pin con) going from rx throttle ch to the brushed esc and connect the brushless esc to the rx in its place. Tail connector stays where it is, may need to transfer red and black wires from brushed main connector to the tail motor rx connector so the brushed esc still gets the pos/neg from the rx.
The receiver should not care what type of esc is connected to it, signal converters should only be required for receivers with built in esc that only output the red and black to actually drive the brushed motor.
I hope I've explained my thinking adequately.
Seems to me that a possible brushless motor and esc candidate for this (main motor) would be the ones from the v200do3, they can be picked up at good price from some vendors.
I have not received my MCP yet and was not planning to go brushless, just offering a technical opinion as I'm on a lengthy hospital stay with nothing to do except look at my netbook screen.
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