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Tail and fuse is all one piece but each wing comes off.

We didn't change the planform lines of the plane, but upped the structure since it was way weak as designed; especially where the wing attached. Use 1/2" or 3/8" aircraft ply for where the wing bolts will go. We also made the wing struts from 2 steel broom handles (from the dollar store); do NOT try the balsa struts at all!

We put a 45cc RCGF engine on it instead of the .61 glow, so more structure was required. Use fiberglass drywall tape along high stress areas on the foam board as you really helped. Use cable rigging from the stab to the fuse to cut down on wiggling.

We made the gear out of pvc. I used 1/4 scale servos for each aileron and rudder, and two standards on the elevator. Used a 6V 2000 Ni-mH
for the flight pack and a separate one for the engine ignition.

Good luck with it.

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