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Originally Posted by ajbaker View Post
+1. Also, at 3500Kv, I suspect that the motor will turn into an oven in less than 30 seconds and the motor will just fly around freely after the motor melts away the low grade plastic. All in all, I think it is a very bad idea.
If you've got little airflow, it's true that you might overheat things. Good airflow is way up there in importance.

3500KV alone, won't cook things, though. I've been flying my Bixler (actually a SkySurfer, same difference) with a 2835-3900KV motor for more than a year now, and a 40A ESC and 2200mAh 3s battery, and haven't cooked anything yet. In fact, the motor's barely gotten warm.

Only time it gets warm is when I do vertical climbs... because that's almost the only time I fly full throttle with that motor. If you fly full throttle all the time with a motor that powerful, then you should get a Spitfire or some other plane designed for that kind of speed/power. The Bixler is a powered GLIDER, don't forget!

Powerful motors like that are mostly for occasional stunts in a plane like a Bixler. You'll probably do most of your flying a half throttle or less - which gives you decent climbs and even stunting ability with the Bixler. Full throttle are for vertical climbs and occasional wild stunts.

As I said, if you spend almost all your time at full power with a motor like that in the Bixler, then you're probably flying the wrong plane.
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