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Can some one help me??? I dont know if I can do this?

Hello all,

Let me start by saying I got my hummingbird V.2 yesterday. I got it used but it looks mint. Actually has some upgrades on it likeball is swash, aluminum head, motor heatsinks and has PG-03 gyro and hummingboard.

I have wanted to get into helis for a long time. I have been into rc for years now. Cars, trucks and planes as of late. So my next obvious choice was helis and it I had the biggest hopes for.. People I dont know if my chopper is not setup properly or what but I never dreamed these little choppers would be this hard to handle, what gives

I see people hovering these little things right infront of there face and flying them around there house and if you ask me from just flying mine I would tell you this is impossible. Right now I cannot keep the thing in the air for more than 3 seconds with out it getting out of control What is the proper setup for these things, how do you balance the blades how do you adjust blade tracking and any other thing I need to be aware of to settle this little beast down. I so want to be able to fly this little bird around in my house but as of right now I would not attempt this as I feel it would be to dangerous. Once Im in the air I have to continually fight the tail as it keeps spinning my chopper around and around and I cannot learn to control it with this happening because once in the air I iimmediatley have to focuse my attention on getting control of the tail which is almost impossible and by that time the chopper is all over the place

Can someone tell me how to properly setup this gyro as I would think it should do a better job than what its doing...

In any instance any help you can provide to help me get this bird under control would be greatly appreciated because at this point I really don't know if I can do this.

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