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No, not planing to drop this project. Have being working on it for four years. Is just that I think that RVOSD price+features+support are making people forget that this is just two pcbs and a GPS with some (clever or dumb) software on it.
The price you are paying for it, is because it is not produced on the same quantities than TV sets, tablets or cell phones. So, you can't expect the same ratio between production cost/price. Neither the same functionality.
Yes, you do have to solder things if you need to. And even as I tried to make it as robust as possible, by adding stronger than usual buffers, over-current protectors and some tolerance to common mistakes, it is very easy to break a connector, or plug something wrong causing catastrophic damage to it.
The thing is that I am just to much exposed here to trolling, bad mouthing, people that can't understand how it works, can't read instructions or need to blame someone else when something goes wrong.
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