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More teting

Spent another few hours trying to solve my RTU and ACM problems. Watched a few older videos and found also when the tight circling was happening the GPS didn't really know where it was. The compass was pointing in the same direction while it was doing the circles.

Yesterday I played with the GPS and found that even if you have a lot of satellites that doesn't mean you have accurate data. I found I could put the GPS in the middle of my skywalker and it would get 11 satellites. But there was a significant lag of a few hundred meters before the GPS updated the compass etc. I moved it around until I put it on top of my main battery far away from all the other electronics. I found there was no GPS lag. A sharp fast turn and the compass would update instantly and correctly. I then proceeded to keep moving the GPS around. Same number of satellites but the lag returned. Placing it back on top of the battery and the lag problem would disappear. I tested this a number of times over and over to make sure.

With the lag RTH would not work, rather doing the tight circles. Without the GPS lag, RTH worked every time even in the strong wind. It was very good, doing tight 180 turns to point home and immediately correcting if blown off course.

Saabguyspg, where do you place your GPS in your skywalker? I am thinking to make an extension cable for it and place it to the rear of the plane.
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