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Originally Posted by Jovanx View Post
I do not consider the matter of scale to be off topic. It might seem that way to someone who believes scale has nothing to do with a downwind turn, but he brought it into the discussion in good faith and related it to the turn, and it is certainly possible that scale might be a factor for RC pilots.
OK, clearly I do not believe that the scale of a model has anything to do with the downwind turn stall debate but if you believe it is a factor maybe you can tell me how.

Let's try a hypothetical. Say you are flying two scale models of the same plane, say a Cessna 172, directly upwind into a wind that is 50% 0f stall speed. One is 1/10 scale and the other is 1/25 scale. Both are flying best L/D speed. Execute a standard rate (30 degree bank) down-wind turn on both. What scale-related difference will there be with respect to any tendency to stall in or immediately after the turn?

If you prefer some other scenario feel free to choose one.
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