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Only flew one bird so far today but it was very good. My little wire solder stand help make replacing bad tail motor a bit easier. My most quiet V911 had a bad tail motor. I bought small clips from Radio shack and model railroad wire to make stand. It holds wire where you want it and no tension on wire. V911 tail wire is brittle and breaks very easily. Before I install new tail motor hot glue wires that go into motor to prevent them from breaking. I had one break right at end ot motor. Anyway its flying again. When my 9958 tail motor arrives it should be easy to fix. Main reason even bother fixing $20.00 heli is it flys so well and waste not want not. Plus if you can repair 100 size the 250/ 350/450 size will be alot more fun to work on.
dankar04 is online now Find More Posts by dankar04
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