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Originally Posted by jsxx View Post
This is rubbish...
I was flying away and lost gps signal so decided to turn back home but when turning back my rc rx antennas were in different orientation so rvosd went into rth mode not knowing were is home... It started to circle and plane was blown away by slight wind, last time I seen it was 12 miles away.... Never found it. $800 gone. Big thanks to RVOSD 5!
So, even with GPS signal lost, RVOSD autopilot did actually kept the airplane on a controlled circle, and you still wasn't able to get control back. I think there was also serious problems with your RC link then.
Also I would love to know what type of autopilot programming could had saved your plane with this three conditions together:
1-GPS lock lost.
2-RC link on the edge of distance budget, not able to get it back even with airplane circling above RC link lost position.
3-Winds taking the airplane away from home.
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