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Originally Posted by kaptondave View Post
Please read this carefully and try to understand. You have not done well at that to this point.

I did not say that scale was immaterial in global context. This is a thread about whether or not airplanes have a tendency to stall when making downwind turns. What I said was that scale is immaterial in that regard.

The thread is not about airfoil design, control surface size ratio or any of the other things that you have brought up in your arguments. If you wish to discuss those things please do it elsewhere. There is a topic called Modeling Science that might be a good choice.
Buddy, do you have anthing better to do than come onto a web forum and insult people? I don't particularly care if I convince you that scale has an effect on the downwind turn. Thats your problem.. if you think turning a full scale plane in a 25mph wind is the same as a parkflyer, well thats your failing. you can 't seem to comprehend the fact that while it may take 30 seconds for a full scale plane to turn 180 degrees small parkflyer can do it in as little as half a second. Of course scale has no effect, right? Maybe if you took the time to stop thinking you were so much smarter than everyone here we could actually have a conversation. At this point I don't think it's worth it. No sense in feeding trolls. I'm done with you.
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