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Originally Posted by Mac37 View Post
I have one of these new P32 gearboxs comming with a 1110 3900 ( a new wind) for E Maxa.
If you do the ecalc thing a 16x10 is a perfect match. About 590 watts in with 87% efficiency.

Using the largest 3S battery that will fit in the nose and balance the sailplane. Probably a 2500 65C.

Jeff at Neu tells me that the actual wind is about 3750. Don't use the Ice LIte controller on this setup because it has a higher internal resistance and won't give the same efficiency.
Now if I could just get the servos in the tail figured out it will be a great ALES sailplane.
I bought a Neu 1107-!Y 6.7:1 which will not fit. I read that there would be another box, but could not find out about it !
Settled for a Hacker A20-6XL which fits great - with plenty of time to 200m.
TP 1300 3S fits great, goes in and comes out in seconds - so with 3 packs I have no problems. After 2 climbs and 2 x 12 min flights (s-bec) it takes 500mah back to charged....... Could do 3 climbs.
I had an early(ish) Maxa (No30) and the fin is very firmly non-removable - so I cut up the tail and put the servos in......... Rudder remains same place and the elevator is fully enclosed - but I made new bellcrank to suit.
There is no added weight to get C of G right.
The Hacker is lighter than the Neu, so I would have thought that a TP1300 3S would be equally perfect.

The Maxa 4M is a light wind plane, so do not get too carried away wanting to shoot off round the sky with a high pitch prop - 17 x 8 works for me.
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