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Originally Posted by Berkie View Post
Done a lot of searching here re using a v tail mixer with differential throttle but can't find an answer.
Using just the v tail mixer only (without any Tx mix) for rudder & throttle is going to give this mix in the air as well as when taxiing, which might be OK for experts but not me

Is this the only application for a v tail mixer?
I'm assuming The Tx program mix is not used in conjunction with a v tail mixer. Is this correct?

Correct when using an external mixer the TX needs no mixing. When using an external mixer the rudder will stay as rudder into the mixer and will need a 'Y'' lead from the RX, one side into the mixer the other to the rudder servo, then the elevator input will be connected to the throttle on the RX instead of elevator and the 2 outputs from the mixer will be connected to the throttles. If the motors pull the wrong way swap the throttle leads over at the mixer. With this setup the rudder response may become very sensitive as the motors are mixed all the time so be aware you may need to dial down the rudder endpoints. A cautious test flight will be needed as full rudder may cut the one throttle and firewall the careful

To do the diff' throttle from the TX you need to have a TX with 3 free user defined mixes on it, a lot of middle range TX only have 2.

You then split the throttle cables to throttle and a spare channel lets say aux 1

Then you set a mix using throttle as master and aux 1 as slave and set that up so both throttles work together.

Then set a mix with rudder to the right as master and your right motor channel as slave so that the right motor reduces throttle when right rudder is applied.

Then set a mix with rudder to the left as master and your left motor channel as slave so that the left motor reduces throttle when left rudder is applied.

These last 2 mixes can be set to be activated by the same switch, you can then turn it on and off as you wish or programe that it only becomes active above a very low throttle setting so you can taxi fine and then the mix cuts automatically. Different brands have different programming methods so this is just the outline of what you need to do.

Test each stage as you do them to confirm it does what you want.

Then double check everything once finished, make sure both throttles increase and decrease in sync and there is no reduction in full throttle.

It would be a good idea to check rpm with a tacho.

When first flying check again with a taxi test to confirm correct function of the mixes.....get it wrong and its gonna end badly.


PS dont use it myself as I find that unless its real windy( I fly something else) I can taxi with rudder

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