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I kinda remember some one here starting the Yamato - how'd that thread end up?

Actually I disagree about the demise of small suppliers, I actually think that they will be a mainstay of the craft in the future - the artisanal modeling company, like silent hunter's, Lee Upshaw's or GILL RC's. I would point to the "garage modeling" markets in both Japan and the US as a possible prototype of the type of operation we might be seeing arise. Nobody gonna get rich doing this, but just maybe the hobby will still plug along on short run plugs (srry).

The dropping cost of laser cutting systems, like the epilog, is going to bring kit/short kit production within the reach of anyone who can use CAD/CAM - e.g. Milton Thrasher's operation down in Floridia. ThreeD printers will kick out our fittings - modeling companies may just sell digital templates for both systems, the modeler finds a production house to make them.

Whatever form it takes, I think we will see less of larger companies like Fisher and Dumas and much more of the artisan builders and modelers turning semi-pro or pro to fill the gap.
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