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A right turn is a turn to the right. A downwind turn is a turn downwind.

With respect to the downwind turn issue scale is immaterial. It is simply a matter of aerodynamics.
Aerodynamics, mass, drag, power, speed, and not to mention the one variable that cannot be scaled down. Time.

In WWI the germans realized the deficiencies of scale in air tunnel testing. Prior to their research all scaled down models suggested that thin airfoils were the best airfoils. Once the germans realized this flaw they created a fat wing biplane that would have failed miserably in those wind tunnels. it was the Dr. VII I believe. the thick wing gave forgiving flight characteristics and extremely slow stall speeds. In fact the common practice of its pilots was to slow down to the point their enemies could not stay behind them. the fat wing also allowed for internal structure that eliminate a large portion of the rigging wires that were slowing most aircraft of the time down. If you were to take that same aircraft, scale it down and try and get max performance and the lowest possible airspeed you would end up with a thin undercambered airfoil. I sure dont see many undercambered wings on any modern aircraft To say scale is immaterial is akin to saying gravity is immaterial.
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