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Nothing Short of Amazing

Sydney has been experiencing some really wild wild weather the last 2 days with very strong winds, the kind that rip roofs of houses, damage structures etc.

So, really wanting to fly and with a weather forecast that said the winds would die down on Saturday afternoon to around 25kph I grabbed my Align Trex 500 heli and my E-Flight Apprentice trainer with Guardian installed and headed out the HMAS club field at Vinyard.
(they lied, the winds actually got no better).

Arrived to find only 5 guys sitting around talking and no flying because of the strong winds though Leon did do a short flight with big (read heavy) Trex 700 electric heli.

I just knew this was going to be the ultimate Guardian test day.

Go the Apprentice out of the car and struggled to fit the main wing with the gusting wings and fit a 3300 battery, quick control check and that switches on my DX7s were set right pre-flight.

Fight to carry the a/c to the flight line, fortunately the wind was nearly straight down the main strip. Take off run was probably less than 1 metre (a yard) with 75% power applied and Guardian in 2D mode, climb away, wings rock quite violently but it's flying, get to maybe 50' and select 3D mode.

While the a/c is still being rocked and thrown around the sky it is actually flyable, and actually fun in a kind of perverted way,

Spend the next 25 minutes making lots of circuits, hairy landings. On probably 5 landing as the a/c came to rest wind gusts got under one wing or another and flipped the a/c on it's back because I could get to it to hold it down, that's the kind of day it was.

I am so impressed with how well the Guardian works in such horrific conditions, its is nothing short of amazing and while the guys thought I was nuts to attempt to fly a big high wing foamy in such conditions and seemed sure I would be taking it home in pieces to rebuild the aircraft survived the day, I had the biggest grin on my face and could not help but recommend the device. My only regret is that there is no video to show how rough it was.
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