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I am not convinced that what you say is true but none of it negates the original premise that downwind turns are no different than any other turn, and that the idea they cause stalls if false. This morning I had a 7 -10 mph wind at my flying site. I took my Radian up to a couple hundred feet, put the nose into the wind, cut the power and slowed down to zero groundspeed. It hovered nicely, bobbing just a little in the wind current. I then executed the dreaded downwind turn, and guess what. It turned smoothly and flew downwind at a brisk speed with no sign of a stall or loss of altitude.
Isn't that the upwind turn? Do we identify it as the turn from downwind, or to downwind? I was under the impression it was the from downwind.

The differences in scale are numerous. Some more obvious than others. Show me a micro size scale bird that doesn't have a rediculous size prop compared to the real thing. The turn rate is the same basic principle that allows for movie directors to make scale models of a scene and slow it down to half speed to look like the real thing.
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