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R.I.P Clouds Fly ... april 2010 - september 2012

I took to the field today to do some testing about its new habit of rolling under power.. i trimmed out the tips of the elevator as they were smashed and i saw that the right side was bend upwards even after correcting wich could explain why it rolled under power (air stream from motor hitting it and doing aileron effect)..

plane now seemed to fly better.. under power was fine but when turning motor off it began rolling slighty to one side ... still i couldnt do much testing.. at altitude suddenly ailerons stoped responding to then re-start working jerky all the sudden.. weird things began to happen and then seemed to be just fine.. im an idiot so i keep flying it and then i did a dive to bring it down and that was it.. elevator stoped responding when trying to pull out of the dive just hit the ground straight down again..

And as before now nose is totally smashed in pieces..

I think is time to stop and let the old girl rest in peace .. since that day months ago where it mysteriously lost control 100m high and spiraled down to the ground it never flew straight again.. it has crashed time after time since that day... doesnt want to fly straight .. strange tipstalling tendencies.. the elvator responds jerky as the pushrods inside are loose... you name it nose has been reconstructed more times than i can renember and its more glue than foam now.. its a cheap foamie after all and it just cant be reconstructed time after time forever ..

Dont know what i will do with it now.. i really liked this plane and its quite relaxing to fly , easy and stable to do aerial video.. dont know if getting another, or getting something similar but more apropiate (a Bixler, an EZ2, an Electro Rookie).. or just use in its place the HawkFighter with the wingtips attached (wich after all is the same plane) or even buy a new CF
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