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I did mis-read, thinking Jun meant negative camber for the launch. A number have tried it and I thought this was another such case. My Bad!

Positive camber is not needed either, not even for the launch rotation.

Our planes are light, with low wing loading. At launch speeds, the lift coefficient for the rotation phase is not large - it is only a fraction of what it would be if the plane were flying slowly. Since the lift coefficient is still low, the camber should be optimized for that low lift coefficient. Zone-V2 has enough range in speed mode setting that extra camber is not required. If one did play with extra camber, 2mm is too much.

Someone who is a very weak thrower (think beginner) would actually possibly benefit from some extra camber for the launch rotation, perhaps 1mm to 2mm, provided the person used an abrupt pull-up. But the stronger the thrower, the less benefit this gives. Beyond a certain point of throwing speed, it will cost launch height. Jun is not a low launcher so he would be better off with speed mode for rotation and climb.

So to keep things simple in people's minds, I just recommend using speed mode for rotation and climb. It will be best for nearly all pilots.

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